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Contests and giveaways Increase Your Website's Profit by Linking to Free Giveaways Increase Your Website's Profit by Linking to Free Giveaways Read More are time honored ways to promote a product. Microsoft is not one to ignore this, and recently started an unusual promotion designed to attract attention for its struggling Windows Phone operating system.

The company set up “free time machines” in New York, San Francisco and Chicago. Since the name isn’t self-explanatory, here’s the gist: Visitors to a “free time machine” were able to obtain personal shoppers, grocery delivery, dog walking and other services without paying a cent.

Unfortunately, the booths were only open on April 9th, so they’re now closed. But that doesn’t mean you’ve missed out entirely. Microsoft has set up a website that is offering various prizes such as a vacation to Hawaii, gift cards and Microsoft Points. All you have to do is – surprise, surprise – enter your personal information (though you don’t have to actually sign up for emails about Windows Phone).

What was the point to all of this? Apparently, Windows Phone will save you time. Or something like that. Interested or not, anyone who’s willing to part ways with some personal information may as well enter. According to the contest rules over 190,000 people will receive 160 Microsoft Points, so you’ll probably end up with something.

Source: CNET


Image Credit: Windows Phone 7 Connect

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