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Microsoft Is Offering Free Stuff Just For Installing IE9 [News] 2011 11 08 12h11 35If you’ve been looking for a good reason to download IE9, Microsoft is trying to give you one. They’ve just launched a new campaign called “Where’s the love?“, and they’re offering to give you free stuff if you download and install IE9. You heard right. Microsoft will give you prizes if you go ahead and just get IE9 already.

So how does it work? First, you need to have Windows 7, otherwise you can’t even get IE9. You also need to be a US resident so you can enjoy the free stuff. If you’re all set with these, you can head over to the Where’s the love? holiday campaign site, download IE9 and get cracking.

2011-11-08 12h11_05

The offerings include 3 months for free on Slacker and AOL Radio, one free month on Grooveshark, Hulu, Vimeo and Pandora, a free movie from Flixter and some discounts on tickets from Fandango and Ticketmaster. Some of there offers will only be available later this month or at the beginning of December. To get them, click on the prize of your choosing and follow the instructions. These include pinning the icon to the taskbar and sharing on Facebook or Twitter. Should be easy enough.

Will this convince you to download and install IE9? Will you actually continue to use it afterwards or immediately uninstall? Will this technique work for Microsoft?



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