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Windows 8 is coming. Regardless of how you feel about the changes Microsoft is making to their new OS, it will be released soon. A big change that Microsoft is going to make with Windows 8 is releasing it digitally for users who are upgrading from previous versions. This was a move made by Apple with the release of Lion, and it seems that Windows is going to follow their lead.

One of the greatest problems Apple ran into with their latest OS was that they only released it digitally, and people who wanted to buy the disk were out of luck. Windows is not making the same mistake, because they are releasing Windows 8 both on disk and digitally.

According to Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows Division :

In the past, if you wanted to buy an upgrade for Windows, it involved purchasing a boxed product from a retail outlet, taking it home, (sometimes being infuriated while trying to open the box,) and inserting a DVD.

He goes on to say :

However, buying boxed software is quickly becoming the exception rather than the rule, with more and more software being purchased online as broadband penetration increases and large-size media downloads become more common.

It looks as if Windows is catching up with the times, but not leaving behind their users who are not up with the latest technology.


Source: Apple Insider

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