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What does Microsoft have to do with Android? One answer is on{x}, a brand new Android app and matching web interface recently launched by Microsoft. The idea behind on{x} is similar to Tasker, because it lets you automate activities based on your phone’s current condition or location. Microsoft on{x} is free to use, and the rules are created and applied through the website.

To start, head over to the Google Play store and download the on{x} app. The app requires Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or up, so Froyo and Éclair users must wait for the moment. Log into the app and the web interface using your Facebook account (there is currently no other option) and start setting up rules for your phone.

Microsoft on{x} uses a JavaScript API to remotely program your phone, and using this interface you can set your phone to do things like automatically text your wife when you leave work, launch a specific app when you’re walking, set automatic replies to specific text messages, and much more.

You can explore the recipe collection available on the on{x} website to find what you’re looking for, and if you can code, you can also create recipes of your own. There aren’t many recipes currently available, but anyone who writes a rule can upload it for others to use, so Microsoft are probably expecting the recipe book to be filled up quickly.

Watch the official video by Microsoft to learn some more about what on{x} can do.


Did you get a chance to try on{x}? What do you think of it?

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