Microsoft Brings Skype Into’s Email Interface [Updates]

skype 300   Microsoft Brings Skype Into Outlook.coms Email Interface [Updates]Microsoft’s Skype integration continues with the latest addition of Skype to the company’s email service. This new Skype integration is just a preview for now, and will only be available in the UK at this time. In the next few weeks, users in the US and Germany will be able to enjoy the preview as well, with the rest of the world joining them “in the coming months”.

Skype for brings video and audio calls to’s interface, making it possible to initiate Skype calls right from your inbox. So next time you’re writing an email and suddenly realize text is just not enough, you should be able to start a voice or video chat with just a click or two.

In case you’re not familiar with it, is Microsoft’s newest version of Web email service, and was launched last year as a replacement for the seasoned Hotmail.

In order to try out the preview of Skype for, you will have to install a browser plugin which is currently available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. You will also have to link your Skype account to your account, thus merging your Microsoft and Skype accounts. If you’ve already done this — as preparation for Window Live Messenger’s demise, for example — you should be all set. Linking your Skype account will add your Skype contacts to your contacts.

Do you like the idea of Skype and email integration? If you’re in the UK, let us know what you think of Skype for!

Source: Skype Blog

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Austin Beatty

A browser plugin? Of course, let me guess: Silverlight? If not, then I bet it’s Windows only regardless. No thanks, I’ll stick to Google Talk if that’s the case. I’d try it out but I’m not in the UK.

Yaara Lancet

They actually didn’t specify, but I doubt it’s Silverlight, as they’re trying to get rid of it I think. It could be Windows only, although it wouldn’t be a smart move. I guess we’ll have to wait until someone in the UK tries it to find out. :)


No way it will be Silverlight. Why do you rule out something that could be brilliantly productive and useful without even knowing what it is?

Fanboys suck.

Austin Beatty

Because even if it’s not Silverlight, I can be 95% sure it won’t be Linux compatible, making it completely useless for me. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I’m not optimistic. But I had hoped by now, that we had finally gotten rid of proprietary browser plugins, but Microsoft comes out and makes a new one.

Yaara Lancet

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. :)


If this means I’ll no longer have to install the buggy unstable resource-hogging desktop app, I’ll be very pleased.


Sweet, look forward to get it in more countries

Kuriakopoulos Marios

well they could first fix the problems they already have! i have noticed that last weeks skype has become most crappier than ever!! was much better before microsoft!


sd rubel


What I find interesting MS Hotmail and Skype where both Berkeley UNIX BSD Ports – not Linux or MS, but at one time compatible with Linux – then became MS owned, and through good code commits have become giant successes in regards to how the design concepts grew and morphed. So it seems many have short memories – Now the messaging component and email will roll up into Skype – Hotmail – MS – just a name. I’m sure that the current state of the code is probably without resemblance, but who cares – its the concept that worked, evolved, and now arrived with great success and distribution of users. I would only hope that MS would continue to honor the open source roots and makes it as compatible for BSD / LINUX or others, because that is what the original concept was “open”!