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Microsoft is calling upon nearly 40 million Xbox LIVE members to pay more attention to the security of their accounts. Bolstering the initiative, the Xbox LIVE security team has also announced a slew of changes and fresh updates to their security system.

Xbox LIVE General Manager Alex Garden says the feedback from users have been taken into consideration while ramping up the protection of member accounts worldwide. In a guest post on the Xbox LIVE blog, he outlined some of the steps that have already been taken.

Online posts of gamertags, usernames and passwords gathered from malware or phishing schemes have been pulled down. Unique codes are being sent to the security phone numbers and secondary email addresses provided by members to verify purchases and account change requests that do not come from a member’s trusted device. Other behind the scenes improvements are being put into place that will help to build on security enhancements for the near future.

Underlining all these efforts, Mr. Garden called upon members to double-check their security information.

I encourage everyone to take five minutes today to check your security information and update it if necessary. If you have any lost or stolen security proofs, update them now to prevent any interruptions to your Xbox LIVE service in the future. – Xbox LIVE

Online fraud is a very real threat and it could be just around the corner if you are not too careful. Have you looked into your Xbox LIVE security settings lately?


Source: Xbox LIVE Blog

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