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Sony went first with the announcement of the PlayStation 4 Sony Finally Announces PlayStation 4 For 2013 Release [Updates] Sony Finally Announces PlayStation 4 For 2013 Release [Updates] Sony has confirmed the existence of the PlayStation 4 (or PS4, as they generally spoke of it). The new console, which Sony describes as a "supercharged" PC, will feature an x86-based CPU and an "enhanced"... Read More , and now, Microsoft has taken center stage to reveal its next generation video-game console, which we now know is called the Xbox One. While Sony’s announcement focused on games, Microsoft was far more focused on the message of delivering an “all-in-one experience.”

The Xbox One runs a x86, 8-core CPU with 8 GB RAM, and 500 GB internal storage. The key thing to mention about the RAM is that Microsoft did not explicitly mention whether the system would include GDDR5 or GDDR3 RAM. The lack of mention leads us the believe that it will be using the slower GDDR3 RAM, but time will tell.

The Kinect has been completely revamped, and will now feature a 1080p HD RGB camera and a 250,000-pixel infrared depth sensor. It will also come with every Xbox release and will be a required component for the Xbox One to function.

A big part of Microsoft’s announcement was the new, heavy TV integration. The demo showed using Kinect to change the TV channel, search for specific content, and more. Microsoft is clearly hoping to make the console more than a gaming machine, instead trying to build a living0room system from scratch.

Microsoft also announced Skype integration into the system, as well as a snap feature that allows users to run programs on the side of the screen while playing games or watching TV.


The Xbox One will not have any backwards compatibility. Not only are disc-based games not supported, neither are those downloaded from the Xbox Live Arcade.

The controller has been given a small revamp, but the overall design looks incredibly similar to the Xbox 360’s. The D-Pad will receive an overhaul, which is a welcome change.

While much of the announcement was focused on non-gaming items, Microsoft did show a suite of EA Sports games, Forza 5, Quantum Break, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

It’s clear that Microsoft is holding back plenty of information for E3. It did not announce a final release date, only saying that the console will arrive “later this year.” It also did not reveal a price for the console, which will obviously be a deciding factor for most gamers in whether they purchase the console or not. Still, at least they showed what the console looks like, which is more than Sony did at its event.

What do you think of the new Xbox One?

Source: Microsoft

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