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As the old saying goes, when they start insulting you, you’re obviously doing something right. And judging by the comments being thrown Google’s way by Microsoft about Gmail, it’s pretty obvious that Redmond is worried. He’s worried enough about Gmail to build a new website and start a public smear campaign.

On the Microsoft-owned and built “Keep Your Email Private“, Microsoft fires the first blunt salvo right away by declaring in big lettering :

Think Google respects your privacy? Think again.

And with hardly a moment to catch their breath, they charge :

Google goes through every Gmail that’s sent or received, looking for keywords so they can target Gmail users with paid ads. And there’s no way to opt out of this invasion of your privacy.

To beat the nefarious Google, Microsoft have helpfully provided us with a Pig Latin translator, so we can send our emails without them being scanned for ads! And of course they want your signature on a petition.


Of course, they claim that Outlook is much better, with a handy smiley chart which makes it easy for everyone to see what Gmail does and Outlook doesn’t.

If you’re convinced by all the smiley faces, they give you a helpful button to get to Outlook to sign up. When you get there, they claim you are “upgrading from Gmail”.

All of this mud flinging is costing Microsoft a staggering 7 figures. As many other commenters have pointed out, if Microsoft had used this money years ago to improve their own services, they wouldn’t have to make a website like this today! Do you agree? Or do you see this as acceptable business competition?

Source: Keep Your Email Private | Image Credits: The All-Nite Images Via Flickr

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