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Meteoric Download Manager is much more than what the name suggests. In addition to being a super fast download manager with an amazing user interface and dead simple navigation, this iPhone app also serves as a file manager and a media player among other things. To start with, the app lets you intercept and download almost any iOS playable media with amazing download speeds. In addition to accelerating selective downloads, you can also pause them, queue them, resume them later and fetch file information from the server.

The app also acts like a file manager by letting you zip and unzip files, decompress .rar files, and play iOS supported files in the preview. Meteoric also supports Firefox Sync, hence adding the portability factor. If you are a Dropbox fan, the app lets you quickly upload your downloaded files to your Dropbox as well.

download manager for iphone

Meteoric also lets you play all sorts of MP3 files right from your iPhone and even create a playlist out of them. The media player functionality greatly complements the download manager of the app and lets you do multiple things without switching to a different application. You can also turn Meteoric into a streaming server and stream files to any device with a web browser.

One of the best things Meteoric offers is to customize the functionality by adding plugins. The app is not free but is worth every penny of the $1.99 you will spend to get these amazing features in a single bundle.

meteoric download manager



  • Download media files to your iPhone.
  • Accelerate, pause, queue and resume your downloads.
  • Zip/unzip files and upload to your Dropbox account.
  • Play MP3 files and even stream them to another device.
  • Supports Firefox Sync.
  • Cost: $1.99.

Download Meteoric Download Manager from iTunes

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