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Meta Clock is a browser based alarm clock that will wake you up with a cool tune sure to put a smile on your face, first thing in the morning. It works by selecting what time you want to wake up at and then tune you want played as your alarm. There are some classics that you can only recognize by the tune – not by the name as funnily enough they all contain “˜Good Morning’.

There’s also some other tunes such as Morning Twitter which is basically a forest or something filled with birds – as if the ones outside your window weren’t enough!

You an also type in the websites you want to open up when the alarm goes off so you can read the news, check your tweets and catch up on your favorite blog all while slurping a cup of Joe. The final feature allows you to ad a quick fact to your wake up call such as a “˜Today in History’ fact. The one catch is that you have to leave your computer on through the night which is a flaw for those who like the planet they live on.


  • Online Alarm Clock.
  • Cool tunes as alarm.
  • Opens website automatically for you.
  • Fact of the day, every day.
  • Similar sites: SleepFM, AlarmTube, MusicAlarm and Alarmd.

Check out MetaClock  @ (by Dean Sherwin)


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