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MergePDF is an online PDF joiner app for merging PDF’s online. Anyone can use it to combine multiple PDF documents into one. The application is free of charge and without any installation or registration requirements.

Users can add up to 10 PDF documents with a maximum of 5 MB per file. After adding the files, click on on the “Merge PDF!” button to upload and merge all the documents. The resulting file can be then downloaded and opened in the any PDF reader.

pdf joiner


  • Online PDF joiner for merging PDF documents.
  • Combine up to 10 PDF files per session.
  • Individual file size limit is 5MB.
  • All uploaded files are removed after the merge process is finished.

MergePDF is by no means an only tool to merge PDFs other sites include PDFHammer, SplitMergePDF, PDF SplitandMerge and PDFtk.

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