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Some web apps can record your mood or feelings through blogging, Twitter, or by keeping your own online journal. However if you need to quantify your feelings, you should check this out. MercuryApp is a cool app that lets you track your lifestyle through stats and trends. By rating how you feel on a given day, this tool lets you measure your progress and provide more insight about your life experiences.

track your lifestyle

Just enter anything that you feel strongly about such as weight loss, productivity, mood, sleepiness, or whatever. Then you are asked to rate your feelings at least once a day where you can also add a note to describe it. MercuryApp logs your ratings and show it to you as a graph of your feelings over time.

MercuryApp also lets you enter your feelings from your email. You can track as many feelings as you like and even choose the day when you want to be notified. This tool is also useful for anyone who wants to record their progress on just about anything, much like a scoreboard for your personal goals.


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