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Learning a new language is like playing a new game – there is always something new to learn, and you won’t move to the next level until you master the basics. Memrise is a cool app that makes language learning easier and more fun by using memory training and mnemonics.

learn languages mnemonics

While Mandarin features the most number of lessons, you can choose several languages that you want to learn. Each lesson has a word list ranging from basic words and common tourist verbiage, to hard-to-master words. Each word you are to learn includes an audio pronunciation and its written equivalent. Memrise then places a graphic representation of a word that transitions to the character for better recall. Just click through the words and answer the surprise quizzes to earn points.

As you move through the lessons, words that you have already learned will be visible again. There is no time requirement to complete a lesson. Just click “end session” once you’re done, and pick up where you left off when you have the time.


  • Free and easy to sign up.
  • Learn several languages.
  • Mnemonics and visual learning helps you master languages faster.
  • Answer quizzes to earn points.
  • Log in using Facebook.
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