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Memorylage is an app for Windows 8 and Windows RT platforms that lets you browse through photos on your device in a collage mode, which are generated dynamically as you browse. The layout is different every time you view photos from a photos folder bringing your attention to new photos.

create custom photo collages

Moreover, it lets you create custom photo collages out of your existing photos. Simply download and install the app on your Windows 8 or RT device (smartphone or tablet). Then choose a photo folder and browse your photos in a collage format. Select your favorite photos out of the bunch with a right-click, arrange the order of the photos as you like and then click “Save” to save your collage.

You can then customize collage settings – add a caption or choose image size (for web or for print). Once you are finished, share your collage with others from within the app or set it as your lockscreen wallpaper.


Also check out the Photo Booth feature offered by the app. Similar to a real life photo booth, it automatically takes photos of you and your friends in successive shots after certain time delays using the webcam. The total number of photos and the time delay can be customized from the settings. Once the number of photos is reached it opens the captured photos and lets you create a custom collage.

Demo video


  • Available for devices running Windows 8 and Windows RT.
  • Browse photos in a dynamically created collage format.
  • Create custom photo collages in a few clicks.
  • Quickly access a specific photo folder by pinning it to the start screen.
  • Free to use.
  • Related tools – CollageIt, Pixplit.

Check out Memorylage @ (via Addictive Tips)

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