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Web browsers often slow down after being left open for a long time. Mozilla Firefox is no different. Fortunately for Firefox users however, there is an add-on called Memory Restart that provides an effective solution to the problem.

quickly restart firefox

Memory Restart is a free tool coming in the form of a Firefox extension. The add-on lets you set a memory threshold. The add-on also places an icon in Firefox’s address bar. You can set the icon colors for the browser being under and over your set memory threshold which, by default, is 500MB. You can click on the icon to quickly restart Firefox; alternatively you can set the add-on to automatically restart Firefox once the memory threshold is reached.

memory restart


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you set a memory threshold for Firefox.
  • Lets you quickly restart Firefox.
  • Can automatically restart Firefox once memory threshold is reached.

Check out Memory Restart @


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