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Memorizing long passages of texts can be a very tedious process and sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have tools to help you. MemorizeNow is a java-based web app designed to help you memorize words and passages. It lets you enter any text-based material and then run a flash-card style quiz to practice your memory.

memorizing long passages

To use this app, start by inputting the text that you need to memorize into the field box. You may also enter several items simultaneously using the bulk function. Then go to the memorize tab to view the items that you need to memorize. You can choose to show only the first letter of the words or add blank spaces to the letters and see if you can still remember them. After memorizing, you can test your progress with a flash-card style quiz.

Although you cannot create an account to save your work, you can still save the app as an HTML page to use offline. MemorizeNow is a useful study aid for anyone who need to remember large amounts of texts.

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  • Memorize words, passages and speeches easily.
  • Input many memory items at the same time.
  • Show only the first letter of the word or add blank spaces.
  • Test yourself if you memorized all the items using flash cards.
  • Save your work and use it offline.

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