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If you do as much Internet research as I do then you will find the need for a tool to keep it all organized. I found a little free web application called Memonic. They have devised a system that helps you remember and organize web content you find on the Internet. This tool helps you aggregate that information in one location. This is much better than just bookmarking the site.What if the site is no longer available? Then you are out of luck. Instead let’s file away our information!

Once all the information is collected you are able to access your knowledge in a natural, contextual and visual way anywhere and anytime on any device. The sites author compares it to a rolodex on the internet:

In brief it’s a description of a system likened to a Rolodex of the Internet: Smallish cards holding bits and pieces of information for later use. Information becomes truly fluid.

organize web content

For more info watch demo video:


  • You can store info from the web.
  • Compose new items.
  • Install a bookmarklet to capture data easily.
  • Send your finds via email to
  • Access your data from virtually anywhere!
  • Similar tool: Cloverr.

Check out Memonic @

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  1. Dorian Selz
    January 19, 2010 at 5:47 am

    Dear Karl, thanks for your kind review!

    We launched only recently, that is three months ago. Did you notice we just launched an iPhone version and improved our mobile version at

    Our next steps will aim at making Memonic more usable: Auto-publish your sets to any website and integrate into other systems.