Memento…Post-It notes on your Desktop

Memento is a light desktop program that provides you with smartest post-it notes. The name comes from the movie ‘Memento’, where hero has no long term memory and hence constantly uses post-it notes to track down the bad guy.

Memento(aka ‘PostIt’) is an extremely easy to use, memory-friendly, program. You’ll definitely find it cool especially if you don’t like fancy and feature overloaded stuff. It doesn’t do much, but it does very well what it supposed to do, that is create, store and edit post-it notes.

Memento Features;

  • all notes auto-saved every minute and whenever you edit them
  • notes can be easily collapsed and expanded
  • multiple coloring
  • notes always appear on top of other windows(quite useful)
  • every time you close memento, it’ll quickly auto save its current configuration so that when it’s reopened later all notes appear in exactly same manner as they were before
  • it’s free

   Memento...Post It notes on your Desktop

You can download memento from

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Hi, nice thingie

Yana Aizenberg

I’ve got it on my PC. It saves time and makes life easier.

half-faced glance

Wow your blog kicked so much ass. I have added it to my bookmarks and am planning to visit back in the future! You can checkout my blog at the link below.