Mematic: Create Memes With Your iOS Device

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Creating memes has never been easier with quick meme tools. These tools allow anyone with a funny thought to express it within seconds with this popular medium. If you have an iPhone, then you should check out Mematic. This app lets you create memes from your smartphone pictures in a snap.

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You can choose between two popular themes to start with; the well-known advice animal and the always-funny demotivational posters.  Then select a picture from your photo album or use your camera to attach a new one.

Once done you can save, mail, or tweet your meme. Creating memes takes only seconds to complete with Mematic.

Mematic is an easy app for getting quick memes done, and useful for the creative types who like to get memes done just as your are thinking about it.


  • iPhone/iPad app for creating memes.
  • Features an easy step by step guide so you can get the most use.
  • Advising animals and Demotivational posters available as themes.
  • Share completed memes to social networks.
  • Similar tools: Livememe andMemekit.
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Check out Mematic @!/id491076730?mt=8

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