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Do you use MEGA for your cloud storage needs? It’s a great way to keep your data in the cloud, as it offers 50GB of free storage, so you can keep anything stored away without worrying about running out of space to keep your stuff. If you are looking for a way to manage your MEGA files on the go, you should take a look at MEGA secure cloud for Android, as it offers a slick interface and an easy way to manage your files in the cloud from your Android device.

mega secure cloud for android

The app makes it easy to do all kinds of things with your MEGA account. That being said, there are two important things to note – the app is not an official MEGA app and it’s a beta so there may be bugs. The app makes it so you can upload and download files to your MEGA account. It also allows you to browse all the files stored on your account directly from the app.

It also comes with a slick camera sync feature that automatically uploads files to your MEGA account.

MEGA secure cloud for Android also has features that allow to you share and download MEGA links. The app also allows you to delete, rename, move, and create files and folders. Essentially anything you could want to do with your MEGA account is available from within the app.



  • Gain complete access to your MEGA account.
  • Upload and download files.
  • Share MEGA links.
  • Create, delete, move, and rename files and folders.

Find MEGA secure cloud for Android on Google Play

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