Mega Button – Your All-In-One Solution For Google Chrome Settings In One Click [Chrome]

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google chrome settings buttonChrome is, without a doubt, one of the best browsers available. However, one of its drawbacks is the lack of accessibility to its settings. If you’re curious about what I mean, go and find the Chrome Extensions page. Too easy? OK, go try and find the Chrome Memory page….perhaps you know where that is too, but how many steps did you have to go through to find it?

If searching Google was one of them, stop counting – that’s too many steps already. The point is, it should be relatively easy to access browser settings no matter how technical they are. And the big, green Mega Button does exactly that for you. We like it so much, we included it on our Best Of Chrome Extensions page.

Installing & Customizing Mega Button

google chrome settings button

The installation for Mega Button is seamless and straightforward. With a simple click of the “Add To Chrome” button in the Web Store, a green button will appear in the extensions area of your browser. The options page won’t open by default, like some extensions do when activated, so you will have to right click the button and click “Options” to view them.

change google chrome settings

By default, Mega Button has the icons for Downloads, Settings, Extensions, History, Bookmarks, Plugins, DNS, Memory and Flags. Others that are included are Cache, Net-Internals, Sync-Internals, Histograms, Conflicts, Tracing, and Task.

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Integration & Ease Of Use

I’m typically not one to like tools that only add to redundancy. That is, if there’s a tool that came with an operating system or web browser, why would I need another tool like it, or in this case a tool to get to that tool? But in Mega Button’s case it’s different. Chrome hasn’t made it easy to access many of its options. Sure – you could type in the different URLs, but do you really want the hassle of remembering all of those (which would be amazing if you did)?

google chrome settings button

By now you may have already figured out that Mega Button is pretty simple to use (it’s the actual Chrome settings that are probably confusing to you – but that’s not what this article is about). Each of the buttons has an icon which imitates the “Chrome theme”, if you will, and gives it that “Chrome official” look on your browser. That is, all but the giant green button sticking out awkwardly. I suppose it could be a good thing – you can’t miss it – but at the same time it would be nice if there was a sleeker-looking icon instead, but that is just my own personal taste.

Best Feature Of All – Versatility

The best feature Mega Button has isn’t really a feature at all. The “feature” is that it is excellent for all users, from novice web surfers to the nerdiest of the nerds, you know – the ones who actually care about every process that is running within Chrome. If you don’t want the Plugins, DNS, Memory and Flags and other more technical buttons buttons and would rather stick with the basics like Downloads, Settings, Extensions, History and Bookmarks or any combination of those – you have that option.

Simple, yet versatile – this is what makes Mega Button so great and why it’s earned a spot on our Best Of Chrome Extensions page.

What About Contacting The Developer?

Should you have a question about the extension or a suggestion of a feature, being able to contact the developer is always a nice plus,especially if the developer is “out there” and easily accessible throughout the web.

At first I was going to write that it wasn’t very easy to find him and that the website registered with the extension in the Chrome Web Store doesn’t go through (which it doesn’t). However, after some digging and link hopping, I discovered him on several social networks including Twitter and Google+, as well as YouTube where he’s posted a tutorial on Mega Button.

Now, I’m assuming he doesn’t want to be “bugged” by every question after question from users, but it’s nice whenever developers make themselves available to the average users. There are other social networks which I haven’t bothered to list, that he has displayed on his Google+ profile, which shows that he is most certainly open to connecting.


Here is a quote from the developer’s Google+ page:

I’m one of those unique developers with a keen eye for design and usability. Always looking to improve admin controls and normal users experience on every app or site.

I would have to say that Mega Button most definitely falls under those credentials. Like I’ve previously stated already, it coincides with Chrome’s “theme” while remaining easy to use. And it definitely improves Chrome’s admin controls for the users.

If you’re looking for some more Chrome extensions that improve upon the browser’s functionality, you may want to check out Erez’s article, Better Than The Default: 3 Chrome Add-Ons That Claim They Do Things Better.

Do you already use Mega Button? Feel free to share your thoughts about it! If you don’t, is it something you’d try? How could you see it aiding you in your routine?

Image Credit: Green button via Shutterstock

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