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Setting up a meeting with someone who is always busy can be very tedious, especially if you are busy yourself. You have to sync schedules which means going through each other’s calendar to find a common time to meet. Fortunately, MeetWithMe is a cool web app that makes it easy for others to see your available dates and schedule a meeting with you.

To start using MeetWithMe, register for an account and set an online calendar that you would like to connect to. You can use your Google Calendar, iCal, Entourage, Outlook, and more. Then the app will create a page that displays the dates and times you are available, while keeping the details of your schedule private. Your MeetWithMe page will be updated as people add meeting times to your calendar.

MeetWithMe also lets you set meetings proactively by letting you email your friends with a list of free dates and times so that they can schedule a meeting instantly. The app then tracks responses to your e-mail and lets you send reminders to people who have not replied.

Once the meeting is set, you can conduct voice meetings and web conferences through the app. What’s really great about TimeBridge is that other people do not have to sign up for an account to set a meeting with you. Furthermore, you can also share your calendar permanently to people who frequently need to see your available schedule such as your boss, your customers, your spouse, your friends, and your colleagues.


MeetWithMe has free and paid options available. The free account has all the core functions to set up meetings, but if you would like to connect with phone and web conferencing through MeetWithMe, you need to upgrade for a paid account.


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