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Finding out when everybody is available for a meeting can be a real hassle, specially if the group is large. Meetifyr is a free availability calendar that helps you with this by providing a dead simple way to check everybody’s availability. Simply go to Meetifyr and launch a new calendar. No need to register or sign-in.

Give your meeting a name, give some options of when you want the meeting to be and select the times when you are available by entering your name. You can also specify if you want the meeting to be on a weekday or weekend. Meetifyr will then generate a permanent link for your calendar that you can send to as many friends as you want so they can enter their availability as well. Within a few minutes, everybody can see what is the best time to meet.

free availability calendar


  • Create an availability calendar within seconds.
  • Share with friends to check their availability.
  • No registration or sign up required.
  • Similar tool: Meet-O-Matic.

Visit Meetifyr @

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