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While telling your children popular childrens stories, at times you must have changed the characters’ names to make them more relatable. MeeGenius is a website that makes this simple task even simpler and more fun.

MeeGenius is a free to use website that hosts personalized ebooks kids. It has a wide collection of eBooks which can be read on the site. A neat feature of MeeGenius’s books is that they come with audio playback; the site even highlights the current word being read. Parents can spice up the stories by easily changing characters names to the names children know thereby making the stories more interesting and relatable.

personalized ebooks for kids

These eBooks are displayed on a bookshelf – children will enjoy pulling the books out of this virtual bookshelf. In addition to offering its service for free on the site, MeeGenius offers a paid application for the iPhone; this app contains all the features of the site and delivers them on your Apple device.

personalized ebooks for children

personalised story books for kids



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