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Your friends are spread out on various networks. To chat with them you often need to have multiple browser windows open. This can be quite inconvenient. Here to help you get rid of that inconvenience is a web app called Meebo.


Meebo is a free to use web app that makes it easier for your to chat with your friends. Instead of installing separating IM clients for each of your networks, you can simply create an account on Meebo and link your IM accounts to it. Supported IM services include AIM, Yahoo!, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, MySpace, Google Talk, and more. Once you sign into Meebo simply start linking your other accounts by providing their username and password; your contacts are filtered through an icon that is shown next to their network ID. Your offline messages are displayed right away you can chat with friends as well as leave offline messages. New IM contacts can be conveniently added through the interface; since Meebo itself is also an IM client you can add Meebo users too.


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    February 26, 2009 at 11:45 am


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