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Are you trying to better understand a disease and its treatments? Would you like to know the insights of patients with a particular disease? If yes, then you should visit a useful medical website called Medify.

information on diseases

Medify is a free to use website that lets people search for information on diseases along with which treatments have been most successful for them. You can view details of various conditions, treatments, along with experts of each condition. You can also create a network on the site and share your own insights into diseases to help others.  The forte of the site is its thorough and recent coverage of disease information and insights from patients.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides information on diseases.
  • Provides information on disease treatments.
  • Lets you share your insights into a disease.
  • Similar tools: Diagnosia, RateADrug, ICYou and SymptomChecker.

Check out Medify @

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