MediaMonkey 4: An Extremely Powerful Music Management Program [Rewards]

MediaMonkey 4 Intro   MediaMonkey 4: An Extremely Powerful Music Management Program [Rewards]I recently got my hands on a copy of MediaMonkey Gold, the premium version of the free music player, MediaMonkey. This full-featured music manager was once known as Songs-DB back when it first hit the scene in 2001. Since then, MediaMonkey has seen a number of evolutions that have transformed it into a powerful program.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, down-to-the-basics type of music player, MediaMonkey is not your solution. Unlike alternatives like Foobar2000 and AIMP3, which aim to be quick and light on resources, MediaMonkey is more in line with iTunes and Songbird – packed full of features to help you cull and manage massive libraries of music.

MediaMonkey 4, in both Free and Gold versions, is excellent at what it proposes to do. Keep reading to see what you will get out of it.

mediamonkey wizard   MediaMonkey 4: An Extremely Powerful Music Management Program [Rewards]

Upon opening MediaMonkey for the first time, you’ll be presented with a startup wizard. This wizard does its best to get your music library up and running in as little time as possible. Not that most music management programs don’t have this feature – which most of them do – but at least MediaMonkey’s version isn’t all that bad. At the very least, there wasn’t a sour taste left in my mouth.

The startup wizard also presents you with the option to integrate MediaMonkey into your operating system, meaning stuff like right-click menu options, file associations, and things of that ilk. If you don’t want any of that, MediaMonkey lets you skip it all without a second thought. Thumbs up for a program that doesn’t try to force its own relevance.

mediamonkey interface   MediaMonkey 4: An Extremely Powerful Music Management Program [Rewards]

The interface is what most of us have come to expect from a music manager–namely, the “iTunes” type of layout where everything is contained in one window separated with numerous panels. This is not like Winamp (multiple windows that are disjointed from one another) or Foobar2000 (a singular playlist-type window).

I was never too big of a fan of this layout structure because I’m a minimalist. However, the interface does look clean and there’s nothing particularly jarring about it. Everything is presented in a logical way and I didn’t find much trouble in navigating the various features. I got used to it pretty quickly.

mediamonkey management   MediaMonkey 4: An Extremely Powerful Music Management Program [Rewards]

For a program that claims to be one of the best – if not the best – free music manager available, MediaMonkey sure makes it easy. In that respect, it does a fine job living up to its claims. Here are some of the features you’ll find conducive to managing all of your music files:

  • Tag Editor: Nowadays, a built-in tag editor feature (or one that’s available through a plugin system) is almost a necessity for most users. MediaMonkey has it, though it offers much more customization than a typical manager. For example, in addition to IDv3 tags, you can set lyrics, edit artwork, set virtual CD details, and more.
  • Auto-Tagger: MediaMonkey has a way for you to automatically tag your files based on context. One method uses the filenames and structure to automatically set tags in your library. The other method looks online for tag and artwork data related to your songs.
  • Multiple Collections: Collections are a MediaMonkey feature that lets you have multiple libraries. Instead of being limited to only creating playlists, you can have multiple collections under which you can have multiple playlists. For particularly large music libraries, collections can really help you with organization.
  • Volume Normalization: If some of your songs are too quiet or too loud, here comes normalization to save the day. MediaMonkey has 2 types of normalization: Volume Leveling, which plays all of your songs at a consistent volume, and Per-Track Volume, which changes the volume of a particular track only.

mediamonkey playlist   MediaMonkey 4: An Extremely Powerful Music Management Program [Rewards]

Again, MediaMonkey has some great aesthetics (if you prefer clean over flashy) and claims to be able to handle up to 100,000 songs with ease. But what happens when you do have that many songs? How do you ever find anything? Settings up playlists and song rotations can be a giant pain.

I already mentioned auto-tagging and collections, both of which will probably see a lot of use for most people. However, the auto-playlist feature is another one that can be extremely helpful for massive libraries.

The auto-playlist feature allows you to create dynamic playlists by entering and setting certain parameters. MediaMonkey will then find all of the songs from a particular collection that match the parameters you’ve given and insert all of those songs into a single playlist. Extremely useful. I guarantee that once you get the hang of it, you’ll never be able to use another music program that doesn’t have it.

mediamonkey advanced features   MediaMonkey 4: An Extremely Powerful Music Management Program [Rewards]

On top of all the awesome things already mentioned, MediaMonkey has a slew of more advanced features that any music enthusiast would love to use.

  • Automatic Organization: In your massive library of music, you probably have a bunch of songs and albums whose filenames are completely disorganized. MediaMonkey’s automatic organization will go through and rename those files based on a set of parameters you give it.
  • Fast Search: Using the advanced search feature, you can look for a particular song or album using any number of query fields: by composer, by year produced, by beats per minute–anything! Plus, the search is fast, fast, fast.
  • Rip and Burn CDs: If you still use CDs (whether you purchase them or burn onto them), MediaMonkey makes life easier. It has built-in functionality for ripping and burning CDs.
  • Sync Devices: Just connect your device to your computer and MediaMonkey will most likely recognize it. MediaMonkey can sync right out of the box with most devices, including iPhones, iPods, and Android devices.
  • Sleep Timer: MediaMonkey can play your music and gradually fade it out over time, then turn off your computer. This means you can relax in your bed and fall asleep to your music without having to worry about getting up in the middle of the night and turning it off.

MediaMonkey comes in both Free and Gold versions. The Free version is unlimited (meaning you can use the free version forever; it is not a trial) and it has a surprising number of features. Yes, if you use the Free version, MediaMonkey will still be a fully operational music manager. The Gold version contains those non-critical but convenient components, like:

  • Multiple Collections
  • Automatic Organization
  • Auto-Playlists
  • Volume Leveling
  • CD Ripping
  • Sleep Timer

MediaMonkey Gold retails for $24.95 (or $49.95 if you want a lifetime license for all future upgrades and versions). However, if you have MakeUseOf Reward Points, you can snag a copy from us for only 500 points from the Rewards page. For those new to our Rewards program, visit here to learn more about MakeUseOf Rewards.

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Nikhil Tom

I think the best feature of Media Monkey is portability
You can install it in a pen drive and carry around everywhere

Ahmed Khalil

this is a good feture, let me thinkk

Ahmed Khalil

Ok, i will give it a try, may be you wright

Ari Lont

Not seeing any information about MediaMonkey also being a portable software, as this is the most important feature I am after in similar tools. Can anybody confirm this? :)

Otherwise, yup this is really quite .a complete media organization tool. Will definitely try it

Ari Lont

Nevermind :) found it while I installed it.

Simon Davis

This is almost a great piece of software, but sadly it can’t sync playlists to my Sony MP3 player (songs yes, playlists no) – rendering it pretty much useless for me and leaving me stuck with the awful latest version of Windows Media Player.


Claimed a reward! Excellent!

Chew Jian Yue

Is it life time or just a year?

Jeremy Garnett

If they haven’t changed their policy, then it’s a lifetime licence for this version of the software.
I have a similar licence for version 2 and its still active even 4 computers and as many years later.

daniel dawson

My dad uses Mediamonkey for burning mucic cds and he enjoys it

Thomas Vercamer

I also used this software before, and I really loved it.
It does everything it should do, and you can install some plugins if you need extra functions…

Definitly something you should at least try out…

Dimal Chandrasiri

I actually downloaded this after seeing the free keys giveaway from makeuseof. Now I’m in love with it and even traded my points for a gold version key! It’s what I’ve been searching! :)


Thanks Joel.

Is MUO reward a lifetime key?

Joel Lee

I’m not 100% sure but I believe it is a 4.x Gold key only. If MediaMonkey 5.x+ ever comes out, you will need to upgrade it on your own.

Andrew Kim

No, I believe it’s the $24.95 retail version.

Andrew Kim

I’ve been looking for something fresh to replace my foobar(music player)+mp3tag(tag editor) combo. MediaMonkey 4 sounds good, especially the Gold version with its Multiple Collections and Volume Leveling features. I’m definitely going to try this.

Andrew Kim

This program ROCKS!!!!!!

Ravi Meena

would like to see Abander Tag Control, instead of this


I don’t know why many people that using other alternatives of media player..
For me Windows Media Player is more than enough..

Russell Smith

I’ve been using it forever. Well worth the money!

james conrad

i use to have mac i have 21,999 song on my iopd an i want to no if i download media monkey to my pc would it work

Jeremy Garnett

definitely. I used media monkey back when I had an ipad

Neji Kipgen


Jeremy Garnett

what did you expect?

Boni Oloff

Which one is better, this one or TuneUp?

Muz RC

I recommend this because easy for you edit song description, it also have party mode that u can lock to prevent other close it.

Sean A

I love Skillet!

Joel Lee

Good taste. ;)

Adam Man

Thanks For Giveaway.

Yiz Borol

I’ve been eyeing this for a while and after looking through my music collection finally realized I need *something*!

Greg Belding

love Media Monkey

Jeremy Garnett

I’ve used Media Monkey for years. No matter how many others I try, I always return. Thanks for the opportunity to upgrade my Gold membership from v2.

Fredrik Malmström

I’ve used Mediamonkey for years but recently switched to Helium Music Manager ( It’s got native apps for iPhone, Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT and an Android app is on it’s way for streaming music.

Keith Swartz

Wow-o-wee! This monkey sounds great! I’m seriously thinking of trying it.

volkan musa sözmen

Claimed a reward! Excellent!

harley bellwood

If I claim this with rewards, can I install it on my desktop & laptop?

suneo nobi

Musicbee is also a good music organiser……………………………..

Arron Walker

Just considering getting this reward now, while there’s still some available..


I recently got MediaMonkeyGold with my points (yay). I have been using MediaMonkey (the unpaid version) for awhile now and like it the best of all the players I have tried. I’m having a problem with the controls: ie I have to click a few times on pause or stop to finally get them to work. They worked fine in the unpaid version. Any suggestions? I have googled this & played with the controls but no solution.