Maxthon Cloud Browser: A Completely Different Browsing Experience

maxthon   Maxthon Cloud Browser: A Completely Different Browsing ExperienceMaxthon has come a very long way since originally dubbing themselves as a mere replacement to Internet Explorer. As MyIE Browser, it boasted features like tabbed browsing and mouse gestures. Today, it’s much more.

You and I have both witnessed browsers like Rockmelt come and go without even denting the browser market. While Maxthon currently has no significant presence beside names like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE, it’s still worth your attention. I’ve seen competing browsers take an approach to cloud browsing and do it much less effectively.

Let’s check out what new developments have come to the latest version of Maxthon and go over what makes this application interesting.


If you used Maxthon more than a year ago, I’m not doubting you if you say that you weren’t impressed. Maxthon offered absolutely nothing new to the world of web browsing and, at the very best, it came across as the next best browser to Internet Explorer (wherever that may reside in the rankings).

maxthon2   Maxthon Cloud Browser: A Completely Different Browsing Experience

The browser climate has now completely evolved, and everything is now up in the cloud. The Maxthon team deserves great credit for how quickly they revved up to speed and followed what’s current.

maxthon3   Maxthon Cloud Browser: A Completely Different Browsing Experience

As MUO’s keeper of portable applications, I love that Maxthon offers an official portable version of their browser. Too many browsers dismiss portability and rely on third-party developers to pick up the slack for them. Maxthon has excelled in this area.

The Maxthon web browser has also been made fully available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. Reaching such a broad audience on every platform is another way to see your browser succeed. A wide range of compatibility works perfectly with the in-cloud nature of the browser.

Cloud Features

Signing up for a Maxthon Passport opens you up to a wide range of awesome cloud features.

maxthon4   Maxthon Cloud Browser: A Completely Different Browsing Experience

Cloud Push is the most significant integration. After registering for Maxthon Passport, feel free to right-click any image, link, block of text, or tab and select Cloud Push to…. From there, you’ll be prompted to log into your account.

maxthon51   Maxthon Cloud Browser: A Completely Different Browsing Experience

You’ll then be met with the Choose a device prompt that will allow you to push this content directly to any other device that you have (assuming Maxthon has been connected). As you can see in the above screenshot, I’ve got no other devices connected through Maxthon but you’re still able to push content to your cloud storage.

Another very useful feature is Cloud Download. When prompted to download any file through the Maxthon browser, you can tick a box that will additionally send that download straight to your cloud.

maxthon6   Maxthon Cloud Browser: A Completely Different Browsing Experience

Cloud Tabs is a feature that is coming up commonly in mobile versions of some of our other favorite browsers, where your open tabs will synchronize across Mac, Android, and iOS devices. Cloud Sync is becoming just as common in browsers like Firefox and Opera, where all of your favorites, settings, and form data can be saved to the cloud so that you never lose that important information.

Other Features

Magic Fill is like a localized version of LastPass. You’re able to save identities and login information within your browser and sync it to the cloud (as aforementioned). Most browsers today support this functionality, but not all of them support the cloud.

maxthon7   Maxthon Cloud Browser: A Completely Different Browsing Experience

Ad Hunter is Maxthon’s integrated solution to blocking pesky advertisements and pop-ups. Be advised that not all advertisements are blocked by Ad Hunter (which I completely support), but you’re given a point-and-click option that will allow you to add rules to your list of blocked ads. It’s a great feature.

maxthon8   Maxthon Cloud Browser: A Completely Different Browsing Experience

My favorite new functionality may be Resource Sniffer, which is an all-in-one way to rip video, audio, and images from a website. No more third-party image scrapers and no more YouTube-to-video converters. Just use this.

maxthon9   Maxthon Cloud Browser: A Completely Different Browsing Experience

Additional features includes neat perks like New Session, allowing you to create two instances of the same website for multiple logins, SkyNote, allowing you to create and access notes within the browser, and Maxthon Snap, an integrated way to take beautiful webpage screenshots.

Do you guys think the new Maxthon web browser is worth a try? I gave the browser a spin and was very impressed by all of the new features. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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Rohit Jhawer

There used to be a time i used maxthon to replace internet explorer, Those were the XP days. Tried it a few months ago didint like it that much when compare to firefox and chrome. But now with this amazing cool feature its too good to resist. I tried it on my phone as well on the PC and i would have to say that the cloud based services are really good. It takes a bit of time to sync but once it synced you get all you need in cloud. This saves lots of time for small day to day tasks. Its much better then Firefox’s native sync function. Give it a try you will like it.

Christopher Malapati

It’d be nice if I can get this browser for my Nokia E63 Phone.

Fawad Mirzad

With all great features maxthon have. the interface is not as good as others are. but happily maxthon have great skins that mimics other browsers.
Just love it and have been using it since almost one year. the only thing missing in maxthon is most of maxthon’s addons and skins page are non English. Hopefully they create a pure English page as well.


maxthon has a lot of useful features,but unfortunaly doesn’t have an adblock,wich is a big turn off for me

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Umm, it has adblocker built in, named Ad-Hunter. However it doesn’t block the ad automatically. You have to choose which ad annoys you and manually disable it. It’s a win-win compromise to allow non-intrusive ads to thrive.

Thomas Petrucha

looks nice and fast, cloud features works great, but theres no spam avoid … if theres a way to block adds it will be really useful ;)

thanks for the article

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Is the built-in ad hunter not enough for you?
That being said, I’m a huge fan of adblocker myself…

Andy Pretzsch

I use it on my Android smart phone. Since that I don’t use dolphin browser any more. I’ll give it a try on my notebook and test the sync between them.

Chintan Umarani

I am using maxthon from a year or more. browser sync feature is really awesome,
Its sync my all bookmark from office pc to home pc with out any third part addon.

Søren Wejdemann

Convincing argument. All (more or less, anyway) the basic addon that makes Firefox my preferred browser, comes in one neat package this way!

Muo TechGuy

So is it still built on IE render engine? Because if so… yeah. Yeah, no.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

I guess not, because I’ve heard many praises on its speed and rendering quality. The first screenshot of this browser (the one very similar to IE) doesn’t look tempting at all, but this new version does.


Maxthon is great, but if i could use my chrome extensions on it ….. It would improve :)


Maxthon has another cool benefit…Its’s the best html 5 rendering browser…I always sue maxthon on my android phone and pc….It’s simple amazing…!

barney muo

Same here homey…..My favourite too is maxthon and that is just the same i would write…..!

Ahamed Yaseen

super fast browser :-)

Raman Bathina

Its awesome.Its different from other browsers with the cloud integration.In future other browsers may follow this technique.

Nic L

I’ve been running Maxathon for a while now [and yes – an up-to-date version] – I run quite a few different browsers for different reasons [including Rockmelt, with google’s not-original Chrome as my default browser], and while it’s a good, fast browser, I can’t see how it can justify it’s claim of being faster than Chrome.
More to the point, even though I’m used to all the different forms and ways browsers are set up, I find Maxathon’s menu drop-down far harder than most to sort through – largely due to some things being given confusing names – and the settings aren’t any better.
This is NOT a browser for a beginner!
I can’t see it having any noticeable effect on the browser market for that reason alone.
And even less so while the easily navigated, easily customised, offering a far greater range of capabilities than any on the market, fastest by far of those I’ve encountered, excellent in almost all ways browser Opera is around:
Many of the tricks Maxathon is now adding have been available in Opera for years – and Maxathon have a long way to go to catch up with the effective functionality of those, let alone the far wider range Opera offers;
Tabbed browsing? – how about multiple tabs open in one window [‘Big deal’ I hear you all saying – until….] and all visible at once, or maybe using one as a background, while you keep an eye on a few more?
That’s just one simple example of Opera’s innovative approach to browsing – a capability which they included years ago.
There’s alot more where that came from – old and new!

Sorry Maxathon! – You have your uses….but ‘user friendly’ seems to’ve been missed in the race to be all-singing, all dancing.
A useful little tertiary browser – but as yet, no more than that.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

I like Opera in my phone, but Opera’s PC version is a bit buggy. Since you sound very experienced with Opera, would you share your comment on it?


sounds pretty awesome. I’m going to give it a test drive! :)

Subhramanyu Mishra

Nice post.. will definitely give it a try.. !!!!

Ashwin Ramesh

I’ve been using Maxthon over the past year. It’s a fantastic browser. The idea of Maxthon passport was what lured me into it. But one thing though, I don’t see as to how it can be faster than Chrome. The mouse gestures are a great feature.


how can i hide that sidebar? i can’t hide it before but i can’t hide it now

Martin Ristovski

on the gear icon in the bottom left corner you can just press hide sidebar.


oops i mean i can hide it before

Sidu Soren

looks awesome

Kevin NĂ©meth

Really awesome browser, the only disadvantage is, it have only a few extensions. :\

Craig Snyder

Agreed. Honestly, I still use Firefox solely for a few add-ons that don’t yet exist in Chrome.

Obed Cutaran

Just found this one, will try it. Thanks MUO


Maxthon was my favorite browser back in the days, mainly because it featured super-drag-an-drop. Now I can’t live without it that feature, and thankfully both Firefox and Chrome have an addon for that. I recently tried Maxthon 4, but somehow the Quick App feature (almost the same thing as pinning websites onto the taskbar with IE9) kept giving me “cookies are not enabled” whenever I tried logging into a website such as Google. I had to revert back to Maxthon 3 because I had Google Calendar as a Quick App. Maxthon is a fast and neat browser though.

Muhammad Rizwan

it looks a decent web browser with extra ordinary features, worth a try

Achraf Almouloudi

Does it have a guest session like Incognito in Chrome which automatically deletes traces after the user finishes ? it is important when multiple users use the same computer.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

I think every browser has that feature, just with different name.

Achraf Almouloudi

So helpful, give me its name in Maxthon if you can.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Sorry, my bad.
I haven’t dig too deep into Maxthon, but a simple search said the name is Private Browsing mode, enabled by selecting ‘new private window’ from the menu.

Lisa Santika Onggrid

Downloaded it yesterday. Sounds pretty good for the always connected climate. Between Firefox and Palemoon, I still don’t know where to place Maxthon, because ScrapBook takes care of my saved pages and bookmarks. During the ‘cloud download’, do we have to keep the page open? Does it ‘leech’ the file directly to our cloud storage or download it locally and upload it afterwards?

Lisa Santika Onggrid

That’s the best, I guess. What’s really matter is to make use of what we already have rather than hunting for the perfect gear.



vineed gangadharan

will try this thanks :)

JZ Cruz

Maxthon is my primary browser for years but before it was Chrome. I like its cool feature Resource Sniffer best.

Ashwin Divakaran

I have been a fan of Maxthon a long time ! But its just a tad slower than chrome and firefox.