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It’s a new month – and that means a new reward’s partner. Our latest addition to the reward’s page is @Max’s SyncUp, an incredibly useful synchronization utility. It can be used to back up by date, sync files over a local server, send updates to an FTP server, sync with Google Drive and much more. This is the perfect sync solution for anyone who wants to keep files organized among multiple PCs but doesn’t want to deal with high price of cloud storage in excess of a few gigabytes.

We’re currently offering this software for 400 points. Check out @Max’s home page to learn more or download the free 30-day trial. It’s compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7. It’s also great for any local network where some or all PCs lack Internet access.

In addition to adding @Max SyncUp we’ve decided to get into the holiday spirit by lowering the points values on all active rewards by as much as 150 points. Most rewards are now 400 points or less! This is a great time to redeem your points if you’ve been saving them up.

Highlights include RightNote for 300 points, Switch for 300 points, FX Photo Studio Pro for 300 points and Postbox for 350 points. Remember – quantities are limited, so grab the software you want before we run out of serials!

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