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Alright, so we all like to make a video or two every now and again to upload to YouTube or just send around the office in an email. But then, using Windows Movie Maker or any other desktop application can be a pain. It’s buggy and slow. So why not use Masher? Masher is a web based tool for quickly mixing together video clips, music tracks and photos.

create videos

The site provides you with an easy to use editor – or “˜Studio’ as it’s called where you can upload content (videos, music, images) and mix it the way you like. You simply need to drag and drop videos and images onto a time line, and then incorporate provided special effects such as transitions, saturation and modes, add text and customize skins.

Masher: Create Videos by Mixing Video Clips, Photos & Music masher1

Once video is ready it will be stored under “˜My Stuff’ section on your masher account, you can easily share it by forwarding a link or embedding on your web pages. The site also lets you browse user created videos and check featured and most popular mashes.


  • Create videos by mixing your own content (images, videos and music).
  • Create as many videos as you like.
  • Add cool transition and saturation effects.
  • Add custom text and skins.
  • Simple to use video editor with drag and drop interface.
  • Share videos forwarding a link or embedding on your web pages.
  • Check out public gallery of user created videos.
  • Free, and registration required.

Check out Masher @

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