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MashedLife is an online password vault that lets you store and manage passwords and logins for your different web accounts online. One of the best things about MashedLife is its Bookmark Login feature that allows you to login into any of your web accounts with a single click, be it a Gmail, Delicious, Digg or any other web account. No more passwords to type or remember.

How does it work?

1. Register and add logins for sites you have accounts with (Facebook, MySpace, Digg… etc).
2. Get a “Bookmark Login” bookmark and add it to your browser toolbar.
3. When you want to login to the site simply click on that bookmark from step 2 and it will log you in.

store passwords online


  • Securely store your passwords in online vault.
  • Works with any website.
  • No download or installation needed.
  • All data stored online and securely encrypted.
  • See demo tour.
  • Similar tools: PageOnce, Clipperz and PassPack.

See MashedLife’s Bookmark Login feature in action action:


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