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Do you read lots of stuff on your computer? Here’s a nice treat for you. MartView is a free interactive reader that allows you to read and browse your ebooks as if you have a real book in your hands.

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To use MartView, download the app for free from its website.

MartView has many features that allow you to navigate through the reading material easily.

  • Click the tabs on the top menu to use the Horizontal and Vertical Slider viewer, Real Flip and Jump Around features.
  • Click on the arrows to browse through the book once in the Horizontal or Vertical Slide mode.
  • To zoom in and out of the page, you can do the combo click by clicking the left and right button of the mouse simultaneously.
  • To flip, simply click and drag the page.
  • To conveniently jump from one page to another, click on thumbnails on the top menu and choose the exact page you want to read.

Finally, if you want to publish your own work, click on the Create e-Book icon to start creating one.

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Compared to other e-book readers, you can also use Martview as a color magazine reader. This desktop app lets you immerse yourself into the material with smooth animations and vibrant colors, just like the e-magazines that you see on the iPad.

MartView allows you to experience reading in a very engaging and entertaining way like the Kindle and iPad does.

To see MartView in action watch demo video below:


  • Cool ebook reader software.
  • Allows you to read your eMags conveniently on your computer.
  • Has interactive features which allows you to flip pages, scroll, circle, slide and more.
  • Has thousands of free e-books and magazines.
  • Optimized for touchscreen usage.
  • Supports multiple file formats (.PDF, .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .RAR, .ZIP).
  • Allows you to upload and publish your works.
  • Similar Tools: IbisReader, Kobo, and Mobipocket.

Check out MartView @

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