Marquee Planner: Plan A Layout For Your Wedding Tent

Planning a wedding or a formal party can be very stressful. One aspect of planning a wedding party is making sure that there are enough chairs and tables for guests while having enough room for your dance area, receiving area and stage. Therefore, you need all the tools that you can use to make planning easier.

Marquee Planner is a simple diagramming tool made with flash that allows you to plan a layout for your wedding tent or marquee.

image thumb171   Marquee Planner: Plan A Layout For Your Wedding Tent

To start, set the dimensions of your wedding tent. You can choose a width of up to 36 meters and a length of up to 15 meters. You can then add another diagram if you are planning to install multiple tents. Then it is just a matter of dragging the furniture to their positions in the marquee. You can mix and match round tables, doors and walkways, dance floors, trestle tables, and structural features. You can also view sample marquee designs for layout ideas.

image thumb172   Marquee Planner: Plan A Layout For Your Wedding Tent

Marquee Planner is a nifty tool for wedding and party planners who need to see what the party will look like from the top before finalizing the plan. Once done, you can save, print, restore, and share the layout.


  • Free; no sign up required.
  • Easy drag and drop to place furniture.
  • Set dimensions of the wedding tent.
  • Similar Tools: Project Draw, FloorPlanner, and MyDeco.

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Nice little setup. I have come across this before on the web. I will refer some people to this.


Hey Brian

Thank you. Glad that you liked it!