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Marklets is a bookmarklet search engine where you can find different kinds of browser bookmarklets that make your online work easier. On the homepage of the site, you’ll find various bookmarklets categorized under highest rated, newest, featured and top tags. There’s also a search bar where you could type a specific query and see if there’s a corresponding bookmarklet available.

bookmarklet search

When you click on a bookmarklet name, it directs you to a page which contains its description and a download link at the bottom. You could just drag the bookmarklet tab to the browser’s bookmarks bar in order to get it working. The site doesn’t require registration either.

bookmarklet search

It also provides a bookmarklet that lets you keep track of all your bookmarklets in one place.


  • Search bookmarklets online.
  • Find bookmarklets under highest rated, newest, featured and top tags.
  • No sign up required.
  • Drag the bookmarklet to bookmarks toolbar to use it.

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