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Checking trademark availability is an essential step while creating a company. If you mistakenly choose a company name that a 3rd party has already trademarked, you might later be forced to change your company’s name and even end up paying damages to the 3rd party. Until now, checking for taken trademarks was a lengthy process that usually required you to spend money. But thanks to Markify, the entire process has now become easy and free.

available trademark names

Markify is a free to use website that acts as a search engine for trademarked names. It lets you search for taken trademarks in the US (USPTO data) and in Europe (CTM data). By letting you search for a set of keywords, you are provided with the words’ domain name availability and all similarly named trademarks in the US and European regions.

A number at the top of the results indicates how many similarly named trademarks already exist. The best name for your new company, obviously, would be something that produces the least number of search results.

search available trademarks

You can click on each result and view its details such as trademark filing date, owner details, and list of goods/services.


available trademarks

The site’s user friendly interface and type of service will be immensely useful to anybody planning a startup company.


  • A user friendly website.
  • Helps view domain name availability.
  • Lets you search for taken trademarks.
  • Lets you view the details of each taken trademark.
  • Searches US and European databases.
  • An idea tool for people starting a company.

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