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Marketylink is a free vanity URL builder and online campaign management service for website owners and online marketers. But it goes further than a simple vanity URL service and offers a wide range of complementary services like link shortening, QR codes and Google Analytics support .

For the uninitiated, vanity URLs is a way to show a more readable URL instead of long links. So instead of showing  a long URL like etc., you can show and redirect from a more readable For every added URL it automatically creates short URLs (using the TinyURL short link service) for sharing on social media. Also, it supports Google Analytics variables (utm_campaign, utm_content etc) and makes it easier to track your various online campaigns for your different webpages across various social networks and websites.

Even if you end up with many URLs to manage, you can easily group and filter URLs by user, group or campaign. Every time you make changes on your dashboard (add URLs, change codes etc) you will have to export and copy the generated code into your .htaccess file on your web server. To try it out all these features, sign up from their homepage.

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  • Free vanity URL builder.
  • Aimed at online marketers and website owners.
  • Track various campaigns more accurately.
  • Automatically creates short URLs (using TinyURL shortening service) for social media campaigns.
  • Automatically creates QR code for each URL.
  • Supports Google Analytics campaign variables (utm_campaign, utm_content etc) and custom tracking variables.
  • Manage all the URLs from a single dashboard.
  • Group URLs (videos, 404 error etc).
  • Supports multiple user accounts.
  • Filter URLs by Group, Campaign, Users.
  • Free service.

Check out Marketylink @

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  1. .ME of course!
    May 4, 2013 at 4:47 pm

    Not free, but very good, Namely PRO provides many-to-one URL bundling. Just like Bitly, but adding one more dimension to it.