MarineTraffic: Real Time Yacht, Cruise & Cargo Ship Tracking

MarineTraffic is a cool Google Map mashup that offers real time ship tracking. It shows live information about ship movements throughout the world. You can search by ship name or zoom into map to view sailing ships in a particular area.

Vessel locations are shown on the map using colored markers with each color representing particular type of vessel (Cruise Boat, Cargo Tankers, High Speed Craft, Yachts & Others). Clicking on a marker displays vessel’s image, speed, course, dimensions, voyage details… etc.

MarineTraffic   MarineTraffic: Real Time Yacht, Cruise & Cargo Ship Tracking

The site also lets you check real-time information on ports along with ship arrival & departure times.

Sailors have an option to install a VHF antenna and start sending and seeing their data on MarineTraffic.


  • Track ship positions in real time.
  • Search vessels by name or by type.
  • See ship’s image, speed, course, dimensions, voyage details and more.
  • Get info on sea ports, stations and navigation aids.
  • No signup needed.
  • Similar website: Sailwx.

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