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Sometimes it takes a visual map for you to really understand an affect of an event over time. MapStory is an encyclopedia of interactive maps on different issues – geopolitics, science, culture, diseases, wars and other topics, collected and organized in a single place. So for instance, you can view how school shootings spread over time in the US starting from the first Columbine shooting or view the expansion of Starbucks coffee shops all over the world.

user edited maps

Think of it as a Wikipedia but for interactive user-edited maps. Mapstory can be simple or complex and can be a mix of StoryLayers created by others. It can be spread over local or global geographies and may span hours, days, weeks or even millennia depending on the nature of a particular mapstory.

You can create and upload your own mapstories by annotating the events as you see fit or adding and mixing different media, including images, audio and video. Viewers can play the interactive map, increase or decrease the play speed or go backwards or forwards in time.


All of the uploaded mapstories are shared under Creative Commons license, so anyone can use the uploaded mapstories to create or add to their own mapstories.


View demo


  • View and browse mapstories by sections (crisis, geopolitics, culture, biography and others), keywords (India, School shootings etc) or popularity.
  • Create and upload your own mapstories by combining your own or others’ StoryLayers.
  • Search mapstories or storylayers.
  • HowTo guides are provided for styling and uploading mapstories.
  • All the mapstories are free for anyone to use, edit and share online under Creatime Commons license.

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