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When you visit a new place you can rely only on the locals’ opinion on which places are the best ones to check out – only they have tried out all the region has to offer. Here to help you get those opinions easily and feel like a local anywhere you go is a web service called MapQuest Vibe.

ratings of local businesses

MapQuest Vibe is a free to use web service that lets you view the user ratings of local  businesses and similar places in various regions. These ratings are based on the opinions of locals that the site has been gathering. The ratings of each neighborhood are categorized into various categories and an overall rating score is also assigned. You can get a quick idea of the type of neighborhood from this rating. You can also view the best of places the neighborhood has to offer. These places are sorted into restaurants, shopping areas, activity places, and more categories. You can quickly jump to the relevant category for the type of place you are looking for and decide where to go.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you view locals’ opinions of various places.
  • Ratings are assigned to neighborhoods.
  • Local places are ranked and sorted into categories.
  • Similar tools: TheDealMap, SaleLocator, FavouritePlacesMashspots and ShowMyStreet.

Check out MapQuest Vibe @


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