MapQuest Discover Launches To Help You Plan Your Travels [Updates]

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Remember MapQuest? Several years ago, before Google Maps was the big thing, MapQuest used to be the go-to navigation website. And while it doesn’t provide the worldwide coverage that Google does, AOL’s MapQuest is still alive and kicking, and has just announced a huge new social feature: MapQuest Discover.

If the regular MapQuest can help you get to places, MapQuest Discover is there to help you discover where you want to go. It’s a kind of social network, where users can browse other users’ favorite places and photos, read about what users and professional travel writers alike have to say, and build collections of places they’ve been to or places they want to go. As you’ve come to expect from a social network, you can also Like places, add comments, browse the most popular locations, and even have your very own profile page.

MapQuest Discover is still in beta, and you can request an invite to access the full set of features. Meanwhile, you can have a look around and browse popular places even without an account. Once you get an account, the full list of features includes:

  • Collections: Lets you create your own collections of place you’ve been to, places you want to go to or just places you like. They can have any theme you’d like them to have, so even something like “Best places to buy chocolate” will work. Other users can interact with your collection, and even duplicate it to use as their own.
  • Newsfeed: An endless scroll of popular places and collections, and also actual guides by professional travel writers. You can “Like” places, mark them as “Been” and also add them to your collections.
  • Passport: This is actually your personal profile page, featuring all the places you’ve been to, your collections, etc.
  • Travel Content: Aside from being a social network for travels, Discover also includes hundreds of travel guides written by travel experts, which are supposed to help you find some great new destinations to travel to.

Discover is only part of AOL’s efforts to revive MapQuest. Also getting a revamp are all the MapQuest Local pages, which will now include reviews, deals, travel guides and more. Will you be using the new MapQuest Discover?

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Source: BusinessWire

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Joel Lee

MapQuest is still alive? I remember years ago using MQ to get to places. Those were the days: writing down directions step-by-step and fumbling to read them in a dark car as my friends and I fought our way through lost roads.

MQ Discover sounds nice, but I doubt there are enough travel-loving people who are so interested in travel that they could create an active social network around that idea. I think for most people, Facebook photos will be enough, sadly.

Yaara Lancet

I actually think Discover is a good idea, basically. I mean, it’s like a TripAdvisor/Facebook mashup. But it’s probably too little too late, I don’t really see it picking up. There are already existing venues for people to do these things, and pretty popular ones at that.

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