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Using MapMyRun you can plan, plot on a map and share running routes with just a few mouse clicks. Ready map routes can be easily reviewed both in satellite and 3D modes. Additionally you can search for running routes globally, keep track of favorite routes, and compare the number calories for each route.


MapMyRun Features

  • Plan, plot and share running routes.
  • Search for running routes and trails locally or anywhere in the world. Over 690,000 runs has been created.
  • Visualize your running routes in a 3D view.
  • Discover running events and races (i.e. marathons).
  • Create your own or join extisting running groups.
  • Manage your training schedule and track your run workouts.
  • Calculate mileage, count calories, monitors weight changes, etc.
  • Create, print or download training reports.
  • Option to share your training logs with others.
  • Setup email remindrers.

There are a number of similar services which are based on the same concept: / / /


[Video] MapMyRun Google Earth quick demo

Check out MapMyRun @ [ ]


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