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Adding a map to your website shouldn’t be any different than adding any other HTML element. You should be able to create and customize your map, add your own data,  obtain its embeddable code, then use the code to publish the map on your site. All of this is exactly what Mapbiquity lets you do.

creating maps with data

Mapbiquity is a simple and free to use website that lets you add maps to your website in a few easy steps. You can start creating your map from scratch or by uploading Shapefile data. To customize the map and make it more appealing you can style the map. The styling section of Mapbiquity offers various colors, layers, and other customization options that will help you achieve your desired map.

With the map created and saved, you can obtain its code and use it on your blog or website.

Watch demo video below:



Check out Mapbiquity @

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