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Are you curious about English accents? Would you like to know what a person in Scotland sounds like? If yes then you need to pay a visit to Map Your Voice.

various english accents

Map Your Voice is a simple web app that lets people listen to various English accents from around the world. A Google map is your navigational tool. The red and green dots on the map indicate a recording. The red dots indicate people reading a list of six words whereas a green dot indicates someone reading a children’s story titled “Mr. Tickle”. Click on either dot to get the recording started. A small window on the map will display the details of the recording; meanwhile the recording can be played in the small audio player located in the site’s right pane.

listen to english accents

Like the site’s other visitors you can also record your voice and specify which part of the world you are from. Your dot will then be visible on the Google map.



Check out Map Your Voice @

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