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ManyEyes is a web resource where you can visualize statistics and interesting facts such as “Fertility rates in different US states”, “Shakespeare favorite words” or “Alcohol consumption worldwide” on charts. All charts are interactive and allow you filter information, highlight different areas, zoom in/out and more.

Chart data comes from numbers and statistics uploaded by users. You can browse charts by topic hubs, by tags or view top rated ones. If you are a numbers and statistics nut, you can build visual charts by uploading your own data or using existing data sets.

visualize statistics


  • View interesting facts and statistics on interactive visual charts.
  • Upload and share your own numbers and statistics (data sets) and build visual charts.
  • Build charts using more than 59,000 publicly available data sets.
  • Visualizations (charts) are free to view and comment on, with no signup.
  • Tool provided by IBM.
  • Register to submit data sets, track activity and join topic hubs.

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