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While we have mentioned SharePod in our free iPod tools 50 Free Tools to Make Your iPod Better and ... 50 Free Tools to Make Your iPod Better and ... Read More round-up before, I wanted to take a closer look at this free iPod manager program that is designed to sync and manage my iPod.

To install SharePod, visit the SharePod download site and download the .zip file. Once you unzip it, you can either drag and drop SharePod onto your iPod or run SharePod directly from your hard drive. Because it does not require any installation to your hard drive or “Programs” folder, you can also install it onto your USB or flash drive. This is great if you use different computers or want to get some music from a friend’s computer without using iTunes.

Sharepod free download

After backing up your iPod files to your computer, SharePod creates .xml files which iTunes can import (in iTunes, select File > Import). The file is always called SharePod_Itunes_Import.xml and is placed in the folder you copied your files to.

If you transferred a playlist (or playlists), then each playlist will be imported into iTunes with the same name as on the iPod.

Once you have successfully connected your iPod and started SharePod, you can begin to manage your music and videos. You can sort your files by Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Length, File Size, etc. Under the “Options” menu, you can chose which Grid Columns will be shown – so you can further customize your viewing to fit your preferences.


 Sharepod Screenshot

Each album is designated as a “Playlist” on the left hand side of the SharePod screen, which makes it pretty easy to find a particular album’s songs and delete them or check out what you have on your iPod.

There’s even a built-in Media Player with SharePod. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of Windows Media Player or MediaMonkey Organize And Manage Your Music Collection With MediaMonkey Organize And Manage Your Music Collection With MediaMonkey Read More , but it gets the job done.

Sharepod Music Player

There are four ways to copy files from your iPod.

    1. Select the tracks you want to copy, and click the ‘Copy to PC’ button at the top of the window.

    2. Select the files you want to copy, and drag them into a folder on your PC.

    3. Right click on a playlist and select ‘Copy to PC’. This will copy all the files in the playlist.

    4. Click “Backup iPod” or copy the main playlist. This will copy all the files in all playlists to your computer.

And it is just as easy to delete files from your iPod using SharePod:

    1. Click the “Delete Playlist” link.

    2. SharePod will ask you if you want to just remove the playlist or remove the playlist and delete the tracks in it.

And adding files is easy, too:

    1. Click the “Copy to iPod” button and follow the prompts; or

    2. Drag files and folders from your PC into the main (first) playlist.

My favorite features of SharePod are that it checks to make sure that I don’t copy the same files to my iPod over and over again – unlike other iPod managers 50 Free Tools to Make Your iPod Better and ... 50 Free Tools to Make Your iPod Better and ... Read More ; and it is easy to install on and use from a USB drive.

If you just need a easy and lightweight iPod manager, SharePod might be a great pick. Check it out!

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