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When was the last time you dived into your Firefox menu to check the number of add-ons you have installed? I bet we don’t do that often unless we need to tick off an option or get one uninstalled. The convenience of Firefox add-ons makes installing and forgetting about them equally easy. Especially if we have lots of them.

But for the serious Firefox guy, managing add-ons is as serious an activity as say, tweaking the browser under the hood or choosing just the right theme to go with the day’s mood.

The latest management tool for handling all those add-ons goes by the name of the Firefox Add-on Collector.

When I last checked, Firefox had 11,875 add-ons on offer. Then there are the add-on collections which are basically groups of related add-ons assembled for single click download.

With the mindboggling variety on offer, the Firefox power user would want a tool to manage Firefox addons. One way of course, is to make a daily visit to the Mozilla Add-ons gallery and check up on the latest. The more convenient way is to use a meta-extension that does it for you.

The Firefox Add-on Collector is about four things ““

  • Managing your collections and creating your own from within Firefox.
  • Staying updated of any changes in the collections.
  • Sharing your collections with friends.
  • Synchronizing collections across your computers.

Let’s see how these four attributes come together in this master add-on.

The Firefox Add-on Collector installs just like a usual add-on and can be accessed from Tools – Add-ons. You will need your Mozilla account or get yourself registered with a new one.

manage Firefox addons

As you step into the gallery with a log-in, you can browse and choose collections to add. Adding collections is simple with a click on the Favorites button.

manage Firefox addons

The Add-on Collector captures all your collections and lists them as subscriptions. With subscriptions, it’s a cinch to stay updated with any change in the collections. For instance, any addition to the collection is notified via an alert.

manage Firefox addons

The Add-on Collector Settings lets you customize a few of the features like update intervals and the option of receiving notifications.

addons for firefox

Nothing remarkable so far. But the Add-on Collector also allows you to manage and share your Firefox add-ons with your friends with an email. You can share any add-on with a click on Publish to – Email Address.

addons for firefox

The same menu also lets you build your own collections by publishing add-ons to a new collection.

The Add-on Collector comes into real use if you have multiple computers setup with Firefox and a gallery of add-ons to keep track of. Using the Auto-Publisher feature, you can keep your add-ons synchronized across all your computers.

addons for firefox

Create an auto-publisher entry with one computer, and it will appear at the top of your subscriptions list on all of the computers that have the Add-on Collector installed. You’ll then be able to see add-ons installed on each computer that has an auto-publisher set up.

Install or uninstall add-ons and its gets auto-updated across computers. Auto-Publisher also works similarly between user profiles on the same computer.

Add-ons help to stretch Firefox to its full potential as a browser. But the large number of add-ons can also easily entangle you if you are not careful about your add-on picks. The Add-on collector makes it slightly easier to manage them and adds a lot more to the job of keeping them updated and synchronized.

If you are a regular at Firefox’s add-on gallery, you wouldn’t mind having the Add-on Collector in your list of add-ons.  Do you use it?

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