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Keeping track of how things are going, whom to contact, who your friends are, not forgetting important dates, all of this is part of modern life. Naturally managing such personal information is critical and having a helping hand doesn’t hurt.

Personal Information Managers or PIMs (as they are frequently known as) help you manage everything from appointments to emails to notes to reminders. If you use a computer for keeping track of all such things or if you spend a major part of your day on a computer you must try a Personal Information Manager. It is so much better and streamlined than using different software to manage different aspects or trying to squeeze everything inside post it notes!

myPortablePIM is an excellent Personal Information Manager, which you can download here. The software doesn’t require installation, just extract the downloaded zip file, run the executable and you are good to go. Being a PIM application, myPortablePIM has to keep track of a variety of information and be resourceful and feature rich enough to be easy to use, yet powerful at the same time. Gladly, it does so very well.

Let’s have a look at all the features that myPortablePIM has to offer and how it can help you manage your personal information.

A Calendar

manage personal information

myPortablePIM offers an excellent calendar functionality. You can easily create and manage events, tasks and reminders using the calendar view. In addition to that, the calendar also offers the usual monthly, weekly, daily and yearly views and supports the iCal format as well.


Reminders & Tasks

Although the line between a calendar and tasks and reminders is a little blurred and you might be able to use either of these to serve your purpose, it is nice to have them all available, allowing you to work with them the way you like.


manage personal information

You can create notes from within myPortablePIM. You can format and customize the text to your liking. Notes can be exported in Rich Text Format, if you need to use them elsewhere. In addition to that you can also create quick notes for smaller texts. The quick notes appear as a list that you can refer to again later.

Address Book

Address Book is your contacts manager inside myPortablePIM. It supports import/export in vCard format.

Password Manager

myPortablePIM lets you manage your passwords as well. You can store your passwords for different sites and accounts so that you don’t have to remember them or just in case you forget them. The stored passwords are protected by a master password. Entering the master password correctly would give you access to all your passwords.

manage personal information

In addition to the features mentioned above, myPortablePIM can also check your Gmail account for new mails. It also features an RSS reader allowing you to keep tabs on your favorite sites and resources from within your Personal Information Manager. The software also allows you to password protect the information it manages.

Moreover you can create custom launchers and make use of the 2 desktop view to view more information with a single click. You can also customize date/time format and language using the configuration dialog.

Since the software is portable you can use it equally well on a USB drive. All the information that myPortablePIM manages is stored inside the myPortablePIM folder, so you can easily carry it along with all the required information on a USB drive. Fire off the application, make necessary edits and the data is stored back within the same folder. You can even sync the folder with your computer using an external sync tool if you so desire.

Overall myPortablePIM is a very good option to manage the variety of personal information that we have to keep track of these days. It would have been great if it could sync with the web or a mobile device like the iPhone. If you don’t rely heavily on such synchronization then you should definitely look into myPortablePIM and see if it suits your needs.

How do you manage all your personal information? Do you use a PIM?

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