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free password managerWith so many cool web tools and services out there, even the most casual of net users will have no less than 5 different kinds of web accounts. From email accounts to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, blogs, chats, backups…the list goes on. It’s scary to think that our sensitive data is out there, and the password is the only safety measure that protects our privacy from those hungry prying eyes.

Even though our life would be much simpler if we used one password for all accounts, the consequences – once that single password was revealed – would be dire. But using and memorizing different passwords for different accounts could easily strain your brain, especially if you have lots of web accounts. That’s why a good, free password manager is a necessity and Sticky Password Free could be a good possibility for Windows users.

Setting Up The Manager

Sticky Password Free is the free version to the more advanced Pro version. Even though it’s limited to fifteen passwords and one account, the free version is good enough for everyday users. Aside from automatic login and form filling, users can also keep secure memos and create a portable version of the app.

After downloading and installing the app, there are some steps that you need to go through before the app is usable. The first step is to create a master password to access the password database. Since this one is going to protect all other passwords that you use, make it really strong. Add upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers to the combination.

free password manager

To make everything more secure, Sticky Password provides you with a virtual keyboard to fill in the password fields. The purpose is to prevent keyloggers from recording your keystrokes. This is especially useful if you use a public computer where the level of security is unknown.


best password manager

After configuring “Access control” and “Locking timeout“, you will be asked to install the browser extensions and/or plugins. These extensions will help you to automatically record and fill in passwords and other user information within your browser(s).

best password manager

Using Sticky Password

After the configuration process, Sticky Password will open. You need to fill in your master password to unlock the data inside the app.

best password manager

The first time you use Sticky Password, it will offer to import data from exported Sticky Password, browsers, and other compatible applications. You can do data import later using the “Import” link in the main window.

password manager

All the data is displayed in the main pane. You can easily add, remove, edit and search them.

password manager

You can access this window later by choosing “Manage Database” from Sticky Password’s System Tray menu.

password manager

Similar to other database managers, the first thing that you have to do before using the app is fill in some data. Click the “Add” button and start adding accounts and secure memos. You can also add data to your identity, but you are limited to one identity in the free version.

04a Add Account

There are two different kinds of account that you can create: Web Account and Application Account.

05a Add Account

If you choose web account, you can add the URL of the site or select one from your saved bookmark list.

05b Add URL or Bookmark

Then you can fill in all the details about that web account.

05c Account Details

If you need to come up with a stronger password for the account, you can use the password generator. Aside from determining the length of the password, you can also add more factors to strengthen the result.

05f Generate Password ext

If you’d like to store some important text in the database, use “Secure memo“. You will get a basic text editor with options to choose a text icon and a template.

05e Secure Memo

To help you fill in forms on the web, you might want to complete your personal information. Go to the “Identity” window and fill in the fields under “Value“.

05g Add Identity

If you need to install Sticky Password in several PCs you might need to import the database from other computers. You can easily “Export” the database from one computer and import it on another.

05j Export

Creating The Portable Version

A portable version of the password manager would be perfect for people who need to keep their passwords with them all the time. If you are one of those who can’t part with your passwords, you can create a portable Sticky Password to keep in your thumb drive. Just click the System Tray icon and choose “Portable version“.

06a Portable Version

Choose the drive where you want to keep the portable password manager and click “Next“.

06b Install or Sync Portable

Sticky Password will build the portable version. After the process is finished, you will see the result (the portable app and the data folder) inside your thumb drive.

06f Portable App

Other than a thumb drive, you can also put the portable Sticky Password in your Dropbox folder and access it from every other computer that you use. The advantage of this arrangement is that you will always have updated data in all of your computers. But please note that the total size of this portable app plus data is quite big (more than 10 MB), so synchronizing the app might take quite a while under a slow Internet connection.

As for the usage, just let Sticky Password sit quietly in the System Tray. It will automatically show up and lend a hand in time of need.

free password manager

Have you tried Sticky Password? Or do you know and use another better free password manager? Share your favorites using the comments below.

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