Better Manage Open Windows With PowerResizer [Windows]

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manage open windows PowerResizer is a tool that enhances native Windows features for managing open windows. One example is the Windows Aero-powered windows docking, which allows you to dock Windows to either sides of your screen, simply by dragging it to the respective edge.

The tool also improves mundane tasks, like resizing and moving windows. PowerResizer introduces smart features for managing windows and makes you wonder why Microsoft didn’t think of these.

So what can PowerResizer do? Let me give you a brief feature overview before I show you the details:

  • smart docking of windows.
  • enhanced moving and resizing of windows.
  • interactively repositioin windows.

Docking Windows

One of the best new Window Aero features was the docking of windows, which is done by dragging them to the edge of the screen. However, when you resize one of the windows, you also have to manually resize the other to avoid overlapping windows. This is where one of PowerResizer’s coolest features comes in.

After docking one window to the right (or top) and another to the left (or bottom), you can resize both windows simultaneously by dragging the middle border of either window. This way you always make optimal use of your desktop real estate.

manage open windows

In addition to the ingenious resizing of docked windows, PowerResizer also offers keyboard shortcuts for docking windows:

  • Move Window + A: dock window to left-half.
  • Move Window + S: dock window to right-half.
  • Move Window + W: dock window to top-half.
  • Move Window + Z: dock window to bottom-half.
  • Move Window + 1: dock window to top-left corner.
  • Move Window + 2: dock window to top-right corner.
  • Move Window + 3: dock window to bottom-left corner.
  • Move Window + 4: dock window to bottom-right corner.

Play around with these docking features to discover how PowerResizer behaves and which features you can mix and match.

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Moving & Resizing Windows

The docking features by itself are extremely useful, but PowerResizer goes one step further and also includes moving and resizing windows. Try these keyboard shortcuts in combination with resizing or moving a window:

  • Resize Window + CTRL: resize a window maintaining fixed its center point.
  • Resize Window + SHIFT: move a window using its border.
  • Move Window + 5: center a window into the screen (1/16 screen size margin).
  • Move Window + 6: center a window into the screen (1/10 screen size margin).
  • Move Window + 7: center a window into the screen (1/6 screen size margin).
  • Move Window + 8: center a window into the screen (1/4 screen size margin).
  • Move Window + 9: center a window into the screen (1/3 screen size margin).
  • Move Window + 0: maximize a window.

Reposition Windows

Finally, once you have arranged windows in the perfect way, what if you want to reposition them? PowerResizer also thought of that. These are the keyboard shortcuts you will want to keep in mind:

  • CTRL + ALT + PAGE UP: Rotate docked windows counter-clockwise.
  • CTRL + ALT + PAGE DOWN: Rotate docked windows clockwise.
  • CTRL + ALT + HOME: Reposition windows.

organize windows

Managing PowerResizer

PowerResizer docks with an icon in the system tray. Here you can activate transparent windows and access some features with the mouse. The menu also allows you to disable PowerResizer.

manage open windows

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Are You Wondering About Windows Aero?

Windows Aero effects are visual effects that help manage open windows in Windows Vista and Windows 7. You may also want to look into this article – How To Enable & Troubleshoot Aero Effects In Windows 7. In a follow-up article, I explained how to enable Aero in case it was disabled via the registry – Top 5 Most Common Windows 7 Problems and How to Fix Them .

For more Aero fun, have a look at these articles:

What is your favorite Windows Aero feature and do you think PowerResizer made a good job of enhancing it?

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>PowerResizer introduces smart features for managing windows and makes you wonder why Microsoft didn’t think of these.

If you’re wondering, then you know very little about software development and so-called “features” that provide very little value, can confuse users and would act as a gateway to more GUI bugs. You’ve listed 19 new shortcuts. NINETEEN. Why not just give a preview of Emacs and ask why Microsoft didn’t think of making that it’s operating system.


I appreciate you making the effort of counting the amount of shortcuts! :)

Seriously though, the key smart feature I was referring to is being able to re-size docked windows so easily. It’s such an obvious and simple feature and incredibly useful, I seriously don’t understand why this is not a native Windows feature.

I didn’t mean to imply that all of the features PowerResizer offers should be native to Windows, but certainly some of them.

And yes, I do know little about software development. I’m just an experienced end user, who works with what software developers come up with every day.


I agree with this. However, I do think that resizing the other docked window automatically should be built in to Windows.

I might download this program but probably wont, just because it’ll just take up another spot in my system tray and I probably wouldn’t end up using it as much as I think I would.


Johan Klos

Very cool, I’ll definitely give this a go.

WinPad is an AutoHotkey script that is very similar in function (though it doesn’t do docking, afaik).
The bonus of the script is that you can easily (well) change it to your liking:



None of the Moving & Resizing Windows keyboard shortcuts work, and I don’t know any other way of doing that (without keyboard shortcuts).
Maybe I haven’t understood what you mean by “Move Window+…”.


“Move Windows + …” means that you click the window with the mouse so you can move it and at the same time click the the indicated key, depending on what you want to do.

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