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Social media keeps growing at an insane rate. It seems like there is a new social network, a microblogging platform or another kind of new site popping up every single day of the week. With that, it can be hard to decide on which sites you wish to spend your time. Of course, most users will want to hang out on Facebook and Twitter, but there are so many other niche services out there to take advantage of.

Ending the confusion is a site called Mamuna. It serves as a catalog and rating service for all different kinds of social media sites.

find social media sites

The site is built around allowing users to find social media services based on reviews and popularity. Each site can be reviewed in a number of different categories, which makes it easy for anyone to determine if the site is something they are interested in. Popularity is also useful, as a social media service is only good if there are other people using it.

Having a gauge on the popularity of a service will help a user decide if they want to sign up for the site at all.



The site’s staff reviews many of the services, but you can also leave your own reviews as well. If you have particularly strong feelings one way or another towards a certain site, leaving a review is a great way to let others know. Also, if a site you like is not listed, you can add it to the service to help other users find it.


  • Find new social networks for any interest.
  • Read reviews of all kinds of social media services.
  • Write reviews of sites you like or dislike.
  • Add sites not listed in the service.

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